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Here are some of our recent travel stories from our non-stop adventure around the world!

In search of Manta Rays

Tikehau, The Tuamotus

We were anchored in Mo’orea waiting for a weather window to get us back to the Tuamotus and shark diving, when in from the coconut...

Where Does It Begin?

The Time is Now - Later Than It's Ever Been Before

Where to begin this blog: a question I've pondered. This site/blog is meant to have you share in our travel exploration; out and about on sailing catamaran Holiday. We've been...

The Boat

s/v Holiday

Holiday is a 2007 Leopard 43 Catamaran. Designed in collaboration between Simonis-Voogd Design, Robertson & Caine and the Moorings, the concept of the Leopard 43 is the maximizing of space, performance and...

About Us

Welcome aboard!

Hello! Our names are Giselle and CJ; a very nice married couple. We are living aboard our 43' Leopard sailing catamaran Holiday. We love to travel and explore, so yes, we are LIVING THE DREAM (must be maniacally...

Dumb Luck & Sharks

Fakarava South Pass

If you come on board you'll see that diving is clearly a passion for us (and beer).  Much of our precious boat real estate is taken up by gear.  For instance, our extra sails sleep in their own stateroom because...

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Fakarava North

After an easy short sail from Kauehi Atoll, we easily and uneventfully entered Pass Garue.  Then my stomach drops as I hear a man over the radio "Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!".   Brutas1, a trimaran with six on...